Addressing the Dad Bod Talk

Across social media, The Dad Bod, a term popularized by a college student’s blog post, keeps reappearing.* Many are calling the Internet fad a feminist issue – which it is. However, while the original post focuses solely on women accepting men’s bodies, responding articles have made the Dad Bod a much weightier topic.

The Dad Bod has opened up a discussion about bodies and our expectations; it is a call for appreciating one’s body right now, rather than wishing it were something else. It’s an alternative to comparing one’s body to the past, or what it could be in the future. It’s a step towards accepting all body types, loving people and their appearances in their current form, rather than making comparisons to how they “should” look. Who can object to that?

Yes, the Dad Bod began with accepting men – but it’s a start. It is our responsibility to extend that positive attitude to encompass all people and bodies, rather than limiting our open minds to one gender.

When we extend our acceptance to all people, we’ll really accomplish something. We’ve had enough talk of categories and shapes and thigh gaps, as if our bodies were something we need to achieve. The idea of the Dad Bod, the acceptance for each other, needs to be extended to all of us. Our bodies can be just what they are, without aspiring to become anything else.

The Dad Bod means embracing our bodies as parts of our selves and of our lives. It began as a term for men, but the mentality of the Dad Bod, of acceptance and appreciation, is an attitude we can all get behind.


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