All You Need is Magic?

Brittany Francis

Logging onto Facebook in the early morning I was instantly bombarded by an advertisement targeting women of all ages, prompting them to “change their shape”.  The advertisement that I viewed was a “suggested post” on Facebook that was from the Women Wellness Daily’s Facebook page. The caption read, “What shape are you? What would you change?” followed by a suggestion on “how to change your body shape EASY and FAST-Just follow these instructions”. I followed the prompts to the Women Wellness Daily site, the header for their home page stated “Special Report 2013: How to lose 21 lbs of stomach fat in just 1 month.” The site continued to discuss two different cleanses and show before and after pictures of Jennifer Lopez and other women looking drastically thinner in their “after” pictures than their “before” pictures.

I do not find the product or the message appealing because it’s telling readers that they need to change in order to be happy, and that weight loss is easy with these “magical” products. This advertisement is perpetuating the feeling of inadequacy that many women feel about their bodies, and using that to push their product. This particular advertisement didn’t work on me, but I can definitely see it catching the attention of many women.  Some possible short-term consequences would be making women think more critically about what they want to change about themselves, and wasting money on these products. In the long-term, when women are susceptible to body image issues they could develop disordered eating through fasting, or taking the cleanse that is being marketed here and being unhappy with their results and then moving on to more drastic measures.

This ad is not socially responsible, and should be taken down as it is doing much more psychological harm than good. Although I understand that the diet industry is enormous and not going to stop, there should be at least some science or correlation between products being marketed and actual weight loss, to help minimize the harm that is done by the media.

From: Women Wellness Daily