Appreciating Bodies (part 2)

Legs give me power – they give me strength.
Every walk I take reminds me of the places I can go with my legs.
I love my legs because they are strong and beautiful, just like me.
-Submitted by Anonymous Volunteer

I love my body because it has made me the person that I am today. It has allowed me to become an athlete. More importantly a baseball pitcher, which gives my confidence and uniqueness. I love my body because it has led me to meet some incredible lifelong friends, those who keep me mentally stable and positive. My mind has allowed me to grow educationally and will continue to guide my learning to make for a successful future. Every inch of my body makes me unique and different from everyone else, which is something that I truly love and cherish. I also love my body because it has proven to be internally strong, preventing serious injuries and/or pain, not only physically, but emotionally as well.
-Submitted by Zach M.

I love my hands because they allow me to grab whatever I need and to hold on when things get rough. I love my eyes because they allow me to see all that surrounds me. I love my legs because they allow me to move from place to place and experience all that I want to do. I love my neck because it gives me the ability to turn my head so I can take in all that surrounds me. I love my torso because it gives a different perspective of what a stomach is “suppose” to look like. And above all, I love my mind because it allows my arms to move, my fingers to grab, my legs to walk and my body to cope with the pain and suffering life gives.
-Submitted by Anonymous Volunteer

I appreciate my mind for exploring deep thoughts and curiosity. I am grateful for having an infinity for creativity and artistry.
My ears open a world of musical joy to me. And it also gives me the ability and opportunity to absorb the stories and unique and special perspectives of the voices of others. I love how my heart and lungs have the stamina to keep me running through the beautiful and luscious groves of vegetation and nature. And I love how my eyes can recognize a smile that brings me so much happiness.
-Submitted by Anonymous Volunteer