Art and Eating Disorders: A Call for Participants

The Emily Program Foundation is proud to support the recovery and healing
process of eating disorders through artwork. With the belief that artwork helps individuals find their voice, identity, and empowerment through creative expression, we share artwork inspired by eating disorder recovery with the public as a way to increase awareness and education of eating disorders.

With that, we launch a new audiovisual project under the scope of our Art and Eating Disorders program. Through an online video platform, the new project will create a space in which participants can give voice to their story of recovery through visual recording and other creative works. This project aims to document versions of the recovery narrative that acknowledge both the struggles and strengths to ultimately provide hope and increase public awareness of eating disorders.

We are calling for participants who are in recovery from an eating disorder to  share their recovery story through audio and/or visual media. Participants are asked to share some form of creative work, such as artwork, poetry, music, BlueCircleOutlineslyrics that relates to their experience of recovery from an eating disorder. Participation in this project will involve audio or visual recording of your recovery story, and the final short films of your story will be hosted on The Emily Program Foundation website.

Filming will take place in August, 2015. Please contact Keri Clifton by phone or email for more information on participating.

Contact: Keri Clifton at or 651-379-6134.