Athletes Speak Out

The Emily Program Foundation

“We need to open up the conversation about body image, self confidence, and disordered eating. It should not be a shameful thing, or a taboo topic. It’s more prevalent than people think, and perhaps making help easier to find and less difficult to ask for could save some lives.” – Jessie Diggins

Two professional athletes have spoken out recently about eating disorders. First, Olympic gold medalist Jessie Diggins shared her story in a blog post about why she chose to participate in this year’s ESPN Body Issue. 

And last week Mike Majarma took the bold step of retiring from his professional baseball career at age 28 to become an ambassador for the National Eating Disorders Association. Marjama said the “incredible feedback” he received to this video of his eating disorder story made him passionate to work with NEDA.

“I am committed to help de-stigmatize this mental illness.” – Mike Majarma

(Please note: Marjama shares detailed information about his eating disorder in this video. View with attention to your own health.)