Belly Button Challenge

What’s wrong with the Belly Button Challenge? It’s just another online fad popularized through social media – it tests whether you can reach your hand around your back and touch your navel. If you look at it like how some people can curl their tongues and some people genetically don’t have the ability, the belly button challenge boils down to a genetic combination of flexibility, a small torso, and long arms. The thing is, it would be silly to focus your energy on learning to curl your tongue if you weren’t genetically inclined to the capability. Yet – beginning in China and now across the globe, young women post selfies proudly displaying this particular trick.

If people posted selfies curling their tongues, it would be ridiculous – but just like curling your tongue, people are genetically inclined towards a certain body type, so why the “challenge”? A challenge is a goal, something to pursue and work towards. Our bodies aren’t challenges. Everyone is born with a natural body tendency – some people can acrobatically reach around their own spines to touch their belly button, and some people can’t. If we’re going to challenge our bodies, challenge them for what they can do, not for how our arms fit around our waists. This is about challenging our bodies in ways that strengthen us, physically and mentally, rather than focusing on how we can look a certain way, if we’re just willing to “challenge” ourselves. How about challenging ourselves to embrace the bodies we’ve got?

If you can do the belly button challenge, kudos; you’re probably very good at yoga. If you can’t do it, that’s fine too – but instead of “challenging” yourself to reach a little further, go for a walk.  Do something you are able to do, something you enjoy, and push your body to find out what you are capable of.