Beyond Vanity. The Gospel and Personal Image-Making

Eman Elbarbary

Tim Chaddick, Pastor of Reality LA, talks about the pursuit of perfection in his clip “Beyond Vanity.” How does the Gospel challenge vanity and perfection in today’s living? People in the media are constantly being criticized on their appearance. Why must we take pride in how we look when God sees us as absolutely beautiful in His eyes? The beauty of His Word says there is nothing you can do, nothing you can say, that would make God love you less. When you accept the gracious Word of  The Lord, that’s you saying to Him “Jesus, I am beautifully and perfectly flawed. With you, God, I am made new each day.” Your body is a beautiful canvas that God Himself made, God Himself said “This is my worthy creation, my beautiful masterpiece.” Live in that truth this week.