Bloom like a Flower Garden

Layma Yutsyute

“The body is the sacred sanctuary of the soul. Care for it like a flower garden. Only when you honor, love and cherish your body can your spirit soar.”  – Ilana Rubenfeld


When I saw this quote, I had to immediately write it down. It explains why we should love our bodies and what that will do for us. I also think that we are “spiritual beings having a human experience”. So our bodies are like space suits that help us live here. If we were really going into space we would expect our space suits to be well taken care of, properly treated, strong and full of energy. The same goes for our bodies.


Another object I like to compare our bodies with is a car. Most of us have a car that we use daily. Some of us just use it as a form of transportation and others treasure it like gold.  In either case we put fuel in it, change its oil, wash it and make sure it is in good shape for us to drive. Our bodies need the same treatment. We need to put fuel in it, eat our food, keep up with maintenance by doing annual check-ups and keep our bodies in motion. We take care of our cars because we know they won’t work well without proper treatment. We should do the same with our amazing bodies. All of these things come natural to us when we love them. With love in our hearts it is easy to make healthy choices that will help our bodies bloom like a flower garden.


Not only will you feel good on the outside, you will feel good on the inside. Positive thoughts attract positive results in our lives. And what could be better than that? Nothing! When we love and take care of ourselves, things around us will change. Love is a powerful and contagious thing and it is stronger than any negative emotion. I encourage you to overuse the words, “I love you”. Say it to yourself, your significant other, your family and maybe even a stranger. If you put out love while also loving yourself, you will truly feel your spirit soar.

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