Challenging the Hurricane

TEPF Volunteer

In the fallout now

It’s hard to feel like we can turn around

With the damage done

It’s hard to see how far we’ve come

We could not be proud

Of where our feet have walked along the ground

In the silence now

We play it back and forwards again

There’s a sound in our guiltiness

It’s a warning bell that rings

It’s a call so our loneliness

We can’t see

We roll the dice, we play like fools

Plead with time to change the rules

It’s like a hurricane is coming our way

Yeah, we’ve all been warned but we chose to stay

This is just part of NeedtoBreathe’s song, Hurricane, released back in 2009.

Too often we tell ourselves that we aren’t enough and push limits thinking “Well, I didn’t see any of God’s wrath last time I gave in and listened too Satan, so what’s the big deal?” God is the big deal to me. God tells me that I am a beautiful child of the light. Therefore, I do not invite the hurricane in to stay, not even for a while. Christ’s power shields me against the rough storm.