Does Sex Sell Jeans?

This ad says “sex sells” in big font and all capital letters with an asterisk* at the end. Underneath in a much smaller font it says “*unfortunately we sell jeans.” Can you guess what brand it is? Diesel, and they are attempting to sell their jeans.

When I look at this ad I see two half naked people in a sexually provocative manner. The guy is focused on the girl’s chest, and the girl is excited about something- I doubt it’s the jeans. Are they sure they are selling pants?

The caption “unfortunately we sell jeans” does not give the impression that their product is that great. It sounds like they would much rather sell sex.

Diesel jeans are usually aimed towards a younger audience. So what this image does is give young people the idea that they need to “put out” sexually to be happy.
Diesel is not a bad company. In fact I have a pair of their jeans. But, their method of advertising does not give the impression that buying a pair of their jeans means quality or comfort. The ad portrays that Diesel is a sexy company and they sell sexy products to sexy people.

The picture is correct in stating that “Sex Sells.” However, what else does ‘sex’ sell? Bad body image? Objectification? Lack of self-worth? Eating disorders?

Consider these questions while looking at the image:

  • If there was no caption, what would you think the image was selling?
  • Why is ‘sex’ so commonly used for advertising?
  • What can you do to challenge the belief that ‘sex sells’?
  • Do you think the concept of ‘sex sells’ affects women more than men? Why or why not?