A Message To Our Community From WithAll Board Chair, Kitty Westin

To the WithAll Community,
We recognize how important it is to acknowledge the intense sadness, fear, anger and frustration that so many Americans are experiencing. We are feeling this, and we trust you are, too. 
In WithAll’s manifesto, we include our belief that “our children deserve full health…. This is what we all deserve.”
By this, we mean ALL our children.  And ALL adults.
But all our children and all adults cannot have full mental and physical health when systemic racism permeates our lives and our systems. 
We, like so many of you, are mourning the tragic death of George Floyd. We also mourn for all the other black men and women who have been victims of law enforcement. We grieve with their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and friends.  We are saddened for the small businesses that are already struggling during the pandemic and have now lost everything.
We believe hard conversations—and meaningful action—must take place throughout our families, communities, nonprofits, businesses, schools, and more, for necessary change to occur.  WithAll is deeply committed to having these conversations, and engaging in the meaningful action to bring justice and change.
Kitty Westin
Board Chair