He is the Deepest Desire

Mel Ness

I want things in this life.

I want to get married, have kids, and impact people for the better.


But don’t we all want something?

We all have goals.




Push away all of these things, just for a minute.

Slide back the veil of what makes each of us different.



Social status.

Sexual orientation.




Body type.

You fill in the blank.


Push back these things and you will find that there is one commonality, one thing that makes us all not so different.

We all want to know that we are worth something.

We all want something to bring to the table as an offering to the world.

Not just something, but something of value.


We try so hard to come up with things to be good at.


We spend hours practicing sports and music in hopes of being just a tad more talented than the guy next to us.

We read books, go to school, and get an education so that we can contribute to society and show that we’re worth something.


We workout because we want to be perfect, beautiful, worthy.

We marry someone because we want our life to scream to others that we are ‘finally starting something worthwhile.’


Do you want to know a secret?

There is this Gift-giver.


A Giver who has given us something to offer when we don’t have anything else to give.

But we forget.

So when our dreams, goals, and benchmarks have been reached and they still don’t seem to cut it…He is standing there.

The Gift-giver stands up with a gift, beautifully wrapped.

The Giver stands, saying, “I am the deepest – the deepest desire of your heart.


“When you get that raise and you’re finally making the income you always thought would make you feel as though you’d arrived and it still doesn’t solve all your problems – I am there.

When you get married to the one you love and you still don’t feel fully fulfilled – I am there.

When you have children and they’re amazing, wonderful, and all you’d ever hoped for…but you feel as though you’re not “doing much” in the world – I am there.

When you try your hardest to look perfect, lose those last five pounds, spend your time and resources on looking your best, but feel frustrated that there is someone next to you who is more perfect, skinnier, and more put together than you – I am there.

When you finally reach that milestone in your career, yet you are miserable – I am there.

When you accomplish and still feel as though you fall short – I am there.


I am here.

Waving my arms.

Trying to grasp your attention and win your affection.


Why do you try so hard to find a gift to offer, when I have already given you one? I have given you a Gift to offer that will outshine and outlast anything out there. My name is the Christ.”


‘I have come that they may have life, and have it more abundantly.” John 10:10