Hollywood Support for More Positive Body Image

Jennifer Lawrence, an American actress who has stared in many films such as the Hunger Games series, has some very inspiring words regarding body image. According to a Huffington Post article titled Jennifer Lawrence: ‘It Should Be Illegal To Call Someone Fat’, Lawrence believes it should indeed be illegal to call someone fat in the media. She mentions how she feels all public figures have the ability to control the image that their audience is seeing. For example, posted on twitter and tumblr there are daily workouts made to help achieve the “Victoria Secret Angel Body”. This body type is extremely hard to achieve, and is very rare to stumble upon. These models influence young audiences to work for a body that they see as the “perfect” body type. Jennifer Lawrence feels that although the world has its stereotypical image of “perfect”, people have to see past it because it isn’t real. She stated, “You look how you look, and you have to be comfortable.” Lawrence’s inspiring message is slowly but surely influencing her young audience to be happy with their appearance, because it is uncontrollable. I think that the message that is being conveyed is to accept who you are and how you look, because your confidence and uniqueness makes you who you are.


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