Homage To My Hands

TEPF Volunteer

My Hands.

Growing up, I always had a tough time accepting my hands. I never wanted to raise myhand in class, holding hands for a class activity was the worst direction I could have been given. I found myself pulling the sleeves of my shirts to cover my hands, to hide them.

Dry.Cracked.Clammy.Red.Blue.Purple(especially in the cold months). No matter how much lotion they were smothered in.

My mom was always trying to pamper my hands, take care of them by putting special lotions or balms on them. They were always greasy, oily, and sticky. I hated them.

As a result, I developed an embarassment for my hands. With all this attention that was placed on my hands to try and take care of them, I never wanted to show them to anyone.

Now – through body love, I have grown into appreciation for my hands and I know all of the amazing things I have to thank my hands for.

They have helped me become a master pool player.

My hands help me type these words, play the violin, tie my shoes, make clay pots, hold books, play with my dog, and knit projects for my friends and family.

I used to avoid holding hands with my significant other at all costs. This was due to embarassment that they were too dry, cold, clammy or cracked. Now, I have pride in the fact that my hands can fit so perfectly with my partners – creating a loving connection.

My hands – although they aren’t perfect, they are not the softest or the most delicate and they need some extra care and attention – they help me do many things that bring me joy every day.

That is what is most important. This is why I thank my hands each and every day!