Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is a fight to be the thinnest

It requires intense focus and determination


I wake before dawn and step onto the golden path to thinness

With a stiff, purposeful gait and fixed, vacant gaze

I fiercely pump my arms like a toy soldier to gain speed


The mirror reflects my hard work and dedication

With sharply defined, sculpted muscles and bones

Chiseled, like ice, through years of lifting heavy weights


But, my quest for the golden thinness prize is just an illusion

Because the Hunger Games have no end

And my body is left beaten down from fatigue and pain


I long to surrender to the intense hunger burning inside

But the prestige and allure of the golden prize propels me on


Then, everything goes black

My body snaps and crumbles onto the floor


I am forced to wave the white flag

And exit the race to be thin


Free, I am finally freeā€¦


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