I am an agent of change.

The Emily Program Foundation is excited to offer 4 scholarships of $300 each in order to help individuals attend the EDC’s Spring Lobby Day on Wednesday, May 13th in Washington DC. Click here to download a LOBBY-DAY-APPLICATION.  The application is due April 13th.

Read below to learn more about Lorrie, a previous scholarship recipient, as she reflects on her experience at the EDC’s Lobby Day last fall.


During the fall of 2014, on Capitol Hill, the Eating Disorder Coalition gathered LorrieB Lobby Daypeople from all around the country to march for the awareness about Eating Disorders. Everyone was to wear purple if they themselves survived or knew someone who survived from an Eating Disorder. They wore green, to march for those who lost their battle with an Eating Disorder. As I stood back and listened to the stories, songs and memories being shared, I saw a flood of purple. There was still a handful of green, but the high number of purple shirts stood out to me because it was a reminder that we are creating change.

This quote dawned on me at the march, “Nothing’s impossible; the word itself says I’m possible.” As I listened to the voices that were shared that day from mothers and survivors, I felt empowered to stand up and make a difference. No one should feel ashamed. No one should feel the stigma that comes from struggling with an Eating Disorder. No one should lose sight of their goals and dreams in life.

The next day we were able to discuss with Legislators the importance of research and education about Eating Disorders in the clinical realm, the harmful effects BMI Report Cards have on youth and what it means to be healthy.

As I begin a career in nutrition and dietetics, my goal is to provide the resources individuals need to prevent and treat Eating Disorders, because Eating Disorders are real and the damage is real. I will strive to understand the complexity of why they begin and will continue to fight to make a difference.