I’m So Love-a-ly

Erin Maas

I recently received an email from my child’s teacher that not only brightened my day, but my entire year.  Usually I am given the rundown of activities selected, snack items eaten and whether or not the potty was used.  However, on this particular day my note read, Your daughter spent a good deal of time today standing in front of the mirror quietly singing to herself, “I’m Sooo Love-a – ly.”  As someone who recovered from an eating disorder, hearing that my own daughter had such a positive self-image brought me to tears.  I feel blessed to have been given an opportunity to experience what truly loving one’s self looks like.  This simple note reminded me that every day someone can teach you something new about the world if you are open to listening and being willing to receive what they have to offer.  Even the smallest child can help model for you how to once again love yourself and who you are no matter what kind of package your body comes in.


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