Why It's Time

Every day we see and hear, in every corner of our lives, the challenges and tragic consequences of eating disorders. We’ve had enough. It’s time for a new approach.

It’s time to boldly embrace that prevention of eating disorders is possible, and we must do more to make it happen. It’s time to make practical prevention and support resources accessible to many more people. It’s time for The Emily Program Foundation to grow beyond what we have been.

– Lisa Radzak, Executive Director


With your support, we can grow our reach and impact in the following ways: 

Empower Prevention

Almost all clients I see have a vivid memory of someone in key moments of their lives saying something that negatively impacts how they feel about their body and how they eat.

– Geri Scherer, MA, LP, Therapist/Licensed Psychologist

For well over thirty years researchers have shown that what key adults—parents, teachers, coaches, pediatricians, etc.—say to children about food, body, diet, and exercise has a tremendous power to shape a child’s body image, self-esteem and the likelihood that a child will develop an eating disorder. In spite of this, few efforts have been made to educate these key adults on how to talk to kids in a way that will strengthen a child’s mental and physical health.  

Your donation will help launch our “What to Say” Initiative. This new initiative will equip parents, coaches, educators and health care professionals with simple, practical resources to help the kids in their lives develop healthy relationships with food and body.

Strengthen Support for Recovery

Many people do not seek help due to the financial impact this disease can have on someone. When your struggle is with food it’s not like you can all together give it up or quit. It is overwhelming.

– Financial Assistance Recipient

And while we double down on increasing prevention, we aren’t forgetting that eating disorders are caused by a complex combination of factors. When prevention efforts don’t reach someone, we need to be there to provide support. Our financial assistance program provides one-time grants up to $500 for individuals who need help with living expenses while pursuing recovery for an eating disorder.

Your donation will help provide financial assistance to individuals getting treatment now. We currently have a waiting list of people needing your help. With your support, we can eliminate our waiting list and provide funding for twice as many people this year.

For more information on our new strategic agenda, please read our summary (a quick read) and our 2018 annual report (a longer read). If you have questions and ideas, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you, and thank you for your support!