Anna’s Legacy: Kitty Westin’s TEDx Talk

“We are all affected by mental illness, and we all have to do our part to make it ok to talk about, to seek treatment, and restore the peace, health, dignity and hope for the millions of people who suffer.”

Anna had a spirited heart and a bright future. At age 21, after years of suffering with the shame and stigma she encountered around her anorexia nervosa, Anna died by suicide. Her mother, WithAll co-founder and Board Member Kitty Westin, led a two-decade national advocacy effort that achieved the first-ever federal legislation for improved eating disorder education and treatment. Anna’s spirit and Kitty’s resolve motivate us daily to fulfill our mission. Each year, 20% of our Financial Assistance Program grants are designated from the Anna Westin Memorial Fund. Watch Kitty Westin’s TEDx Talk about her experience and breaking the stigma and shame of mental illness:

Watch Kitty Westin’s TEDx Talk below: