Love Your Body- After Giving Birth

Nicole B.

Women in today’s society have a lot of struggles- struggles that start at a very early age and continue on through life.  Early in life, we’re trying to fit into the body we’re given.  We may finally get comfortable with that to then struggle with a “new body” that we have after giving birth.  We struggle with the normal aging process.  Sometimes it seems like a job itself for us to work on accepting who we are and loving ourselves.  Finding the negative in ourselves is easier than finding the positive.  It’s almost like monsters hold us hostage.

I am 35 years old and a mother of two.  My body looks nothing like it did when I was a teenager.  I have stretch marks on my body and obvious signs that I have had children.  My stomach is not as flat as it used to be, and probably never will be again.  Sometimes I look at my stomach, and all I see is a road map laid out.  Until recently, that was all very hard for me to accept.

To help me see my body in a positive way today, I remind myself a few things.  I have two amazingly beautiful children whom I brought into this world. My body gave them life. Without my body, I would not have been able to experience that.

In a way, there are road maps on my stomach.  The maps are the paths that I took to get to where I am today.  The path that my body took for 9 months, with each child, to give them the miracle of life.  I will never have the body that I had in my younger years.  And that is ok.  Because to get that back, I would have to erase what I currently have.  And being a mother is the best gift of all.


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