Love Your Body- Everyone Is Beautiful in Their Own Way

Inver Hills Student

I was never in the skinniest person in the world, nor was I “fat” either. I was simply bigger boned. I was in 4th grade when it actually hit me that my weight was not ideal. I was fatter than most of the children my age and I had just met my now best friend. I was much taller than her, so I looked huge when I stood next to her.

Summers came and went; my best friend and I spent the majority of our time walking around the small town we lived in. As a result of all the walking, I lost a lot of weight.

When 6th and 7th grade rolled around, I began going through puberty, which really took care of what my mother would call “baby fat”.  In my mind, I was slim and tall, I considered myself perfect. I began playing basketball which helped maintain my slim appearance and I was good at it! Then, I began gaining more muscle from playing basketball, which made me look healthier than before.

I didn’t know how unhealthy I looked until I looked back at my school picture from 7thgrade.

My cheeks were sunken in.

You could make out my collar bones.

My hips were extremely noticeable.

Did I really think that was “healthy”?

At the time, I did. Gaining weight was probably one of the best things that have happened to me. I got made fun of for being fat. I got made fun of for being too skinny.  Why does society have to be like this? Make up your mind already! Everyone judges, everyone gets judged.

I realized now that I need to stop letting people influence the way I look. I have people that love me for who I am, not what I look like. I have more to offer the world than my body shape. I am smart, caring, considerate, a hard worker, and most of all beautiful in my own way.

Everyone is beautiful in the own way, we should embrace it!