Love Your Body- My Hands


I create art pieces with my hands.

When I was younger I started with Origami, Japanese paper folding. By using just a piece of paper, I could make many different objects, animals or all kinds of flowers. With my hands, I folded crisp and clean edges to make a beautiful crane. Anything that could be made, I made it.

In middle school and high school, I always looked forward to art class. I could use my imagination to paint, to draw, or to create something wonderful. I loved to paint landscapes that had a colorful sunset with deep blue water.

I spent one whole summer making jewelry with my hands. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other accessories- I made them all. I wanted to make pieces that were elegant, yet challenging. I gave many pairs of earrings or bracelets as birthday gifts to my friends and family. I enjoyed the feeling of sharing my work with others.

I am thankful my hands can create various works of art. I have started to make handmade cards and continue paint till this day. Each day, I remind myself that it does not matter what my hands look like: what matters is what they can accomplish. I think they have accomplished a lot so far. In the future, I hope to use my hands to do plastic surgery. I want to help young children correct medical problems and birth defects. I feel that I can offer to the world something truly amazing with my hands.


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