Love Your Body: My New Years Resolution

TEPF Volunteer

Fireworks bursting in the sky charged with a promise of new beginnings in the air.

New Years Eve.

As we usher in the New Year, it is tradition that we make resolutions. Fleeting as they may be, they fill us with excitement and zeal.

This year I’m sticking to that tradition, but with a twist. Instead of going with the classics such as join a gym, exercise more, loose 5 pounds, I’m trying something new.

I resolve to be happy.

I resolve to stop putting pressure on myself to be perfect and just be satisfied with who I am. I resolve to let little things go.

I resolve to focus more on who I am rather then who I want to be.

To celebrate my body, my talents, my gifts just the way they are.

I resolve to love my pale skin. To see how beautiful it is.

To be brave and try new things. To not let anything keep me from adventures, least of all myself.

I resolve to be brave. Be brave and love myself.

It’s a new approach but I’m going to try it. I’m going to choose happiness over dissatisfaction.

And this resolution will last.