Loving your body in all stages

Near the end of high school and the beginning of college, girls turn into women. So many changes occur in the female body during this stage and it’s important to love your body in all stages of its growth. This is easier said than done, especially in college.

For some girls, college is the stage they start hating their body instead of loving it. It can be hard not comparing yourself to other figures while living in a college dorm with so many girls. Just today, as I walked in the sunny morning rejoicing from a cancelled class, I looked down and immediately started to criticize my freshly white “spring” legs. My negative body image instantly ruined my bright disposition for the day. What a waste to steal myself such joy from being embarrassed about my legs. I decided I wasn’t going to let my negative thoughts ruin my day by comparing my body to others. Since class was canceled, I treated myself to a “spa morning,” which is a perfect way to get over some college girl blues.

I asked around Bethel to hear other ways college girls love their body in the midst of college pressures and anxieties. “I love having spa days!” said Alex Lidstone, junior at Bethel University. “There is something about taking care of your body that relaxes the mind and gets me rejuvenated to focus on school. It’s so fun getting together with roommates and friends to laugh and pamper ourselves.”

Paige Davis, junior at Bethel, shared some ways she likes to take care of her body during school. “When I’m feeling down I like to remind myself that treating myself right is just as important as school.” Davis said. “I like to eat right and exercise to stay on track. Sometimes I even treat myself and buy cute clothes, which makes me feel good in my body.”

College can be stressful and hard, but loving your body instead of criticizing it is crucial. Within the hustle and bustle of academic life, pampering yourself with little things is such a great way to enjoy the stage your body is in as a young woman.


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