Media Monday: A New Outlook

TEPF Volunteer
According to a study done by Durham University, the more pictures of plus-sized women shown, the more women preferred that body type. One hundred women participated in the experiment and were shown pictures of very thin models followed by plus-sized models. The exposure to the plus-sized models increased the participants preference towards that body type and lowered their liking towards the thin body type.
This study could significantly alter the way society views body image. If the media increases the variety of body types in their ads, people could start having a new outlook on their own body image and feel less pressure to look a certain way.
According to the article, a couple fashion magazines have already agreed to start using different types of models. Vogue has decided to use models over the age of sixteen who are in healthy shape. Also, Seventeen has made the move to use only unedited photos in their magazine. Although this is a small portion of the fashion world, these first steps could change the outlook on body image for the better.