Media Monday: Body Evolution

Megha Dua

While surfing the Internet, I came across this time wrap video of a young model during a photo shoot. The interesting thing about the video is that, it gives us an inside view of the glamorous fashion industry where an average looking woman in the video is transformed into a diva using professional make-up and Photoshop computer editing. Photoshop techniques today drastically change a person’s physical appearance, misleading young girls and adolescent females to look up to unrealistic body image ideals.  This extreme photo shopping in the media can have harmful influences on women, especially adolescents. Over the past 20 years many articles have suggested links between the thin female beauty ideal in the media with ranges of psychological symptoms of body dissatisfaction and eating disorders.


This clipping uncovers the truth behind slim models and alerts females that the ideal body image and beauty standards they see on TV, magazines, Internet, etc. does not exist in the real world. Looking up to these ideal body images is a never-ending battle for females starting from early childhood when a girl is appreciated for her cuteness. Factors such as personality traits and deficits in coping skills can increase the risk of females developing eating disorders, the influence of the media plays a significant role in adding to struggles with body image. This clipping shows individuals that they are being misled by various make-up and Photoshop techniques. This video clipping shows the reality of the fashion and glamour world, media needs to be more responsible towards addressing this serious issue. There needs to be a shift in how society perceives every individual irrespective of their bodies and shapes and this requires a collaborative effort.