Media Monday: Curvation

TEPF Volunteer

Whenever I see media that portrays natural body shapes and sizes, it’s a relief. There are so many ads that include emaciated models or models whose features have been computer-enhanced. The worst part is that many of the people viewing the ads have no idea that the images being portrayed aren’t even real. Young adults, who come across such ads in a magazine or on television, may naturally have the desire to look like that, which is unfortunate, because “that” isn’t reality.

I am thankful for ads that attribute similar positive characteristics to heavy and thin people of diverse identity groups, including age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and ability. Ads that incorporate images of people eating balanced meals, including desserts, to fuel one’s body as a part of a healthy lifestyle, are ads that give me hope. Ads that include women and men in situations, which imply equal social power and understanding that women are more than objects of beauty, are ads that give me hope.
Curvation lingerie was created for the countless curvaceous women who made it known that they couldn’t find intimate apparel that was both beautiful and functional. Real women with real curves were heard. For the first time, curvaceous women in America have an intimate apparel solution that is sensual, livable, and affordably priced. The goal of Curvation is to translate design expertise into a wardrobe of intimate apparel that offers women figure-enhancing options to celebrate their curves. The lingerie has created a new language to convey a very positive message of confidence and femininity.
Curvation sells their products at various department stores including Sears, Kmart and Walmart. Their products are also available online through Amazon, Beso, Her Room, Hoisery Street, Pronto Style and more. Their ads include pictures of real, confident women who are proud of their curves and natural beauty. These images can be found on their website at The target audience for the products is teens, adults and the elderly as well. The products are for women who have a larger build, so bras come in bigger sizes, as do their other undergarments. The product is very appealing because each item appears comfortable, well-made, and modeled on beautiful women.

The Curvation ads create a feeling of comfort and hope in society. It reminds me that there are many women out there who are proud of their bodies and want others to feel the same. It is a breadth of fresh air and a reminder, that society accepts you for who you are. I am thankful for companies such as Curvation, specifically for the amazing message they portray and vision they stand for.