Media Monday: Embracing Pregnancy Curves

TEPF Volunteer

In recent years, we have been seeing headlines about Kim Kardashian’s daily dramas all over the place. We have heard about, as well as seen on her reality show, her short lived relationships, short lived marriages, her relationship with Kanye West, and now her pregnancy. However, pregnancy was not the magical experience Kim had been anticipating. As her pregnancy has progressed, naturally she has gained weight. With this weight she has also gained plenty of criticism from the media and her fans. There have been countless articles on Kim’s “incessant eating” and flabby thighs. And after being at the top of the list of attractive celebrities, she’s taking the blow pretty hard. She’s felt the need to hide her new curves and has felt ashamed of her new body.

However, Kim, having just given birth over the weekend, began to embrace her pregnancy despite the negative articles. She’s also had support from other celebrities who debate that weight gain is a natural part of pregnancy. Which, of course, is completely true. Although it seems to be a fact that has escaped reporters. Recently, Kim posted a picture on Instagram flaunting her protruding belly. She was also seen recently strutting on the beach in a bikini, revealing all of her newly acquired baby fat. Although she says that she does not feel completely comfortable in her body as it is now, she is becoming more confident again with the help of Kanye, who is loving her new curves.

I find it hard to believe that even during pregnancy the media promotes a slim figure. When nourishing the growth of another human being, naturally one would need to eat for two and gain weight to ensure a healthy baby. For a woman to diet while pregnant not only endangers her health, but the health of her developing child as well. It’s completely unrealistic to expect Kim to retain her former shape all through pregnancy, and the media should not be influencing other women to hold the same standards to themselves. However, Kim’s ability to overcome the negative comments about her body and proudly show her baby bump to the world will hopefully also influence other women. I hope that she will be an example for other women to embrace their own figures and be confident.