Media Monday: Fox Studios’ Hit show Glee pokes fun at body dysmorphia and ipecac use. Wildly inappropriate or a candid look at our society’s issues with body image?

Airing on September 24th, Fox Studios GLEE season 4 premier started off with introducing a scathing new character by the name of Cassandra July, a cut throat New York dance instructor. Within the first 60 seconds of the episode, Ms. July openly criticizes her students’ bodies, calling one student “muffin top” instead of her real name and tells her “ It’s only rice cakes and ipecac for you, or cutting off a butt-cheek.”  Watch.
Fox labels itself as a “family network” and GLEE is one of its top viewed shows among every age group. While younger generations may be more impressionable and susceptible to negative messages about our bodies, it is something that affects our entire society.  There is a reason why this character and her scathing persona has hit a nerve. It is difficult to be so blatantly confronted with the types of messages that we are inundated with every single day.  How many times have you heard the phrase “muffin top”? How many times has that phrase come out of your own mouth?  How many times a day do you get the message that you aren’t “good enough?”  How many times a day do you judge others based on the way they look?
The answer is too often.
I stand in solidarity with those who have been victims of our society’s obsession with unrealistic expectations to be thin, to be perfect, to be “good enough.” I encourage you to stand with me and take action. What that action is, is up to you.
If you want to boycott the Fox network and it’s sponsors, here is a link to sign a petition started by a mother her lost her daughter to ipecac abuse.
If you want to let Fox know what you think of the messages they are sending click here.
We can make a difference by continuing the conversation.