Media Monday: Gaga Creates a “Body Revolution”

TEPF Volunteer
In response to media scrutiny over her apparent weight gain, Lady Gaga revealed her own struggle and launched a body revolution. She began her initiative by posting four unedited photos of herself wearing only a bra and underwear with captions reading “anorexia and bulimia since age 15”.  Her goal of the body revolution is to breed compassion and inspire bravery. She also encouraged her fans to embrace their own perceived flaws and post pictures/videos to her website, Little Monsters.
Thousands of fans have responded to Gaga’s initiative by sharing their own stories and offering support for others. This body revolution has created a comfortable, shame-free environment for people to join in on the conversation and stand up against discrimination.
Most celebrities lack credibility when promoting self-love and body acceptance. It is part of their job to look and act a certain way. However, in my opinion Gaga has pulled it off! I applaud her for standing up against the ‘thin ideal’ that is ingrained in our society and promoted endlessly by the media.  I admire her courage and ability to turn negative, hurtful scrutiny into a positive movement aimed at embracing one’s flaws.