Media Monday: Imperfect, Flawed, Beautiful

TEPF Volunteer
“You are imperfect. Permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.”- Amy Bloom 

Imperfect. Flawed. Beautiful. Which one of these words doesn’t belong? The answer is none. Being imperfect and flawed is what makes you beautiful. Perfect is a word that has become a standard in today’s world regarding body image but who is the one judging? The media? The only judge should be yourself. Accepting that you are imperfect is a great way to start feeling comfortable in your own skin. You may have woken up with a bright red zit or you have scars from giving birth to a beautiful baby. No matter how large the flaw, it’s what makes you beautiful. Trying to imagine a world where everybody is considered “perfect” is almost impossible to do. But when you think about the people in our world today, flaws and all, you start to realize that is why we are all unique. The flaws and imperfections can come with many stories that create the person.


Browsing on the internet and coming upon this quote instantly made me think. I have probably read it about 20 times now and have concluded that it could not be more true. Even though you may not love your flaws and imperfections right now, there is somebody else in the world who admires you because of them. Instead of looking at the words imperfect and flawed as negatives, attach them to the word beautiful and you will create a whole new outlook.