Media Monday: Love Notes

TEPF Volunteer

If you didn’t already know, a lot of young women struggle with low-body image. Just to give you an idea, here are some statistics to think on:

“More than 52 percent of adolescent girls begin dieting before age 14.”

“50-88% of adolescent girls feel negatively about their body shape or size.”

“49% of teenage girls say they know someone with an eating disorder.”

“Only 33% of girls say they are at the “right weight for their body”, while 58% want to lose weight.”

“85% of young women worry “a lot” about how they look.”

“A report by the American Association of University Women indicated that for girls, “the way I look” is the most important indicator of self-worth, while for boys, self-worth is based on abilities, rather than looks.” source

I specifically want to focus in on the last stat, because there is a group of young women in New Zealand who are trying to change this. This spunky group, a part of the YWCA of Aotearoa New Zealand, are trying to get woman to love their bodies for what they do (instead of what they look like). The campaign is called, Love Notes. (Loving this title!)

Here is how it works. You take a picture of your favorite body part, write why you love this body part (i.e. my legs help me to run fast or my arms give loving hugs), and post it on their Facebook page.

YWCA board member, Hilary Max (23) says, “Love Notes is about helping young women move away from instinctively thinking about their ‘most beautiful’ body part and instead thinking about what body part helps them achieve, succeed, help others. Essentially what part of their body helps them to do good things!”

New Zealand professional track and field athlete, Sarah Cowley is Love Notes’ campaign ambassador. Check out the YouTube video:

The campaign ends July 31st and is open to New Zealand women over 13 years of age. I was a little bummed to see it was open just to those who live in New Zealand. But why not use this as inspiration and try sticking up your own love notes? I wrote one myself on a post-it note and put it on my bathroom mirror. That way I see it and repeat it every time I look in the mirror. Or why not start your own Facebook Love Notes page?