Media Monday: Making Small Strides

How beauty is seen in the media has created an unrealistic expectation for all people, but the beauty movement is making changes. Many companies are moving towards untouched photos in their advertisements and showing women of all sizes. The Dove Beauty campaign and Aerie Real are a few that have been advocating for this cause. The pressure of beauty has also been weighing down on celebrities. The recent leak of Cindy Crawford’s and Beyonce’s untouched photos has caused discussion on the use of retouching programs. Browsing through social media, you can now find that many celebrities have posted photos of themselves without wearing makeup and encouraging all people to do the same to break the idea that you aren’t beautiful without makeup. Although there is a lot more progress to be made, these small changes have given many people hope that the media is changing the idea of beauty. Another step that needs to happen is to have men’s companies jump on the same boat. Men also receive a lot of pressure from the media to have perfect muscles and be athletic. Men would also benefit from changing the ads they see and perceive what they are supposed to look like. Browsing through the Internet, I have still not been able to find a realistic picture of a man on an ad. Small steps are being made and I hope the beauty movement continues to evolve.