Media Monday: Reflections on Social Media & Body Image

A while back I decided that I wasn’t going to buy another fashion magazine that reinforced a negative body image. But somehow I never bothered to think about how the social media I engage in might be affecting me.

I can’t take all the credit for my introspection. It was a blog on that I stumbled across which inspired me to reflect upon the relationship of social media and body image.

The blogs author says, “When we’re building a more positive body image, it’s important to assess and reassess our environment. Our environment inevitably influences how we feel about our bodies, and ourselves.”

So true! Hand to chin, eyebrows furrowed. Hmmm. I thought, funny, I’ve never really took time to ponder this: is my social media environment fostering a positive or negative relationship with my body?

Below I’ve listed 3 questions that the blog suggests we ask ourselves. Seriously, give these questions some reflection.


  1. Which social media sites do you peruse most often?
  2. Why do you visit the sites that you do?
  3. Observe how you feel before using a social media site. Then take note of how you are feel after.

Maybe you found that your social media habits are fostering a healthy environment. But if you feel like you could find a better relationship with your body and social media (as I did), here are a couple of tips suggested and inspired by the blog:

  1. Subscribe to newsletters that send you affirmative daily quotes.
  2. Post positive affirmations on Twitter or Facebook.
  3. Follow people on Twitter that subscribe to positive social causes.
  4. Notice that you are using social media too much? Give yourself some set limits, like 30 minutes. Or maybe take one day off a week from using social media.
  5. Did you have any surprising reflections about your social media usage related to body image? Maybe you journal, blog or post these thoughts. Chances are more people than you feel the same way.