Media Monday: Snake Peel Body Wash

TEPF Volunteer

Though Axe brand products are no stranger to sexual exploitation, my recent discovering of the Snake Peel Body Wash advertisement was beyond reprehensible. This advertisement, unfortunately found in both magazine print format and commercial, focuses on the premise of partying, drinking, being hung-over, and then scrubbing away the skank from last night. The advertisement is clearly targeted to the young male heterosexual population. The message of not remembering and scrubbing off the skank that the man “accidently” slept with promotes a negative, sexist agenda of how women are to be used for a good time and easily forgotten. I don’t find this message appealing in any way, on the contrary, I feel very offended by the derogative message of negatively characterizing women as skanks being social objects not worthwhile of remembering the next day. Furthermore, the fact is that there is no way a body wash can help a man get girls in the club; remember what had happened the previous night of partying, nor waking up in the morning. The advertisement is unrealistic and socially irresponsible. I would hope that other people would recognize how this advertisement and the corresponding message are not acceptable to promote in our society.