Media Monday: The Only Acceptable Muffin-Top

At first glance, one might think that these ‘adorable muffin tops’ are a wonderful way to enjoy the best part of this delicious dessert. After all, everyone knows that the best part of a muffin is the top portion! Generated towards an audience of various ages, Glamour Magazine advertises these ‘muffin-top’ molds as the only good muffin-top and makes a practical joke out of the “undesirable muffin-top” that naturally occurs from wearing jeans. While these muffin molds are meant to have a laughable reaction, they are actually perpetuating the issue of pressuring Americans to strive for the unrealistic ideal of a thin physique. These muffin-top molds insinuate and reinforce the idea that having a bulge at the top of your jeans is not the way our bodies are supposed to look.

Not only do these molds increase the negative message that having a natural tummy roll on the top of your jeans is not acceptable, I see them as sending another message. They represent the false idea that indulging in desserts such as these every now and then will lead to having a muffin-top, almost in a way of saying “if you’re going to eat desserts you’re going to have a muffin-top so you might as well joke about it on your way there”. Again, insinuating the “ideal thin body image” does not come if you consume deserts. Personally, I love desserts. And, I love that my body gives me a ‘muffin-top’ at the top of my jeans.

From: Glamour Magazine, Author – Danica Lo, posted on 8/21/13