Media Monday: The True Value of Health

TEPF Volunteer
When it comes to living a healthy life, there are several aspects to take into consideration. For years now, I have been admiring Jillian Michaels because she is the one that has made me realize this. Much of her work exemplifies her passion for health.She encourages individuals to get healthy physically, as well as mentally and emotionally. Jillian tells us that weight is not everything, but health is. While I was looking for some more inspiration from her, I found her show Losing It With Jillian. I was extremely excited since I had never heard of this before. It was an old episode, but this show that really struck me and made me so happy that Jillian Michaels is one of my heroes.

This episode that I am talking about deals with a Native American family with heavy ties to their culture. This particular family that Jillian was going to be spending her time with for a week was very close and family oriented. But, they were dangerously unhealthy due to the amount of food that was eaten over family bonding. They felt that they were connecting through food. Jillian stepped in and had the family participate in physical activities in which they could spend time together . She also had them change a few things in their diet to educate the family on how to lead a healthy life for the two children. One of these kids was a fifteen year old boy that was suffering from health issues in relation to the food he was being fed. The family was concerned once they found this out and Jillian was never pushy with him. The way she treated him was with such care and compassion. She saw a strong, young man that just needed a little help from his family to become as healthy as possible. Not only did this family learn that they were able to stick to their culture, but they were also able to apply what they have learned to stay healthy. All of their health issues began to disappear. The amazing thing about this story was that not only did this Native American family get healthy, the whole Native American community around them followed in their footsteps. Now, future generations will be more educated about what health is.
As inspiring as this is, it is also important to understand that this proves that health is not all about weight, but about the emotional enjoyment in life and the way you treat your body. The younger generations do need to learn this from their parents, and I feel as though Jillian did an amazing job proving this to an entire community that needed her motivation.