Media Monday: The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: Don’t Buy What They’re Selling

Christine Hanwick

The Victoria’s Secret show is a “monstrosity of an entertainment event,” says William Wolfe-Wylie in an article he wrote for And the reason it’s a “monstrosity” is the effect it seems to have on young girls and women who watch it. Perhaps a decade ago we could guess that shows like this — where women are glorified and objectified by their shape and size — would have a negative effect on young girls and women’s self-esteem, but today we can see it clearly on twitter:

“When I watch the Victoria’s Secret fashion show every year I wanna starve myself.”

“I hate Victoria’s Secret fashion Shows because they make girls like me feel inferior. They make me look in the mirror and hate myself.”

“The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is over time to starve ourselves now…”


Unfortunately, there are many young girls and women who believe they must attain bodies like these models in order to gain acceptance, love, or worth in this world. And this is a problem, because these body shapes and sizes are only representative of 5% of the population. (Not to mention that these models full-time jobs are maintaining their size and shape and they go on strict liquid diets before the show.) As Wolfe-Wylie says in his article, the Victoria’s Secret fashion show is “a complete lie. It’s a lie that girls around the world accept as truth. It’s a lie that propagates eating disorders, poor body image and unhealthy views of femininity and sexuality.”


I suppose we could all just feel really angry about Victoria’s Secret, but hey, but who is that hurting? Probably just ourselves. So what can we do about it? It seems one way we can make choices for ourselves and our future is through simple consumption or non-consumption. So here is my 2 cents: don’t buy into what they are selling. If you aren’t happy with the images they portray, don’t watch the show and don’t buy their lingerie — find another brand like, Knixwear, that uses real women on their site.

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