Media Monday: Today’s ‘Love Your Selfie’ Special Series Explores Body Image

Lauren Feller

The TODAY show is kicking off a new body and image positive campaign last week called “Love Your Selfie.”  This weeklong series featured a variety of special guest and celebrity appearances, including Cameron Diaz, Jordin Sparks, and Naomi Campbell.  The anchors on the show spent time discussing their own struggles with body image and insecurities, and the final episode of the series featured a special guest appearance from Michelle Obama.  The TODAY show also invited viewers to upload their own photos to add to the discussion on body image by using the hashtag #LoveYourSelfie.

The series touched on some of the most important issues facing society in regard to body image issues, including harmful habits, the dangers of photoshop, and attempting to transform the definition on “beauty” in both the media and society.  With featured guests that have extensive first-hand experience being in the media spotlight, this series could provide some much-needed insight into the world of excessive photo re-touching, airbrushing, and personal stylists and make-up artists.  TODAY reaches millions of viewers, and many of those viewers are older men and women.  While it may be more important to send positive body image messages to a younger generation, making parents and grandparents of these young people more aware of the harmful media messages and impossible beauty standards could make a significant difference in changing the way society views beauty and body image.