Media Monday: Victoria Secret

TEPF Volunteer
Media plays an important role in influencing individual perceptions, opinions and thoughts especially with respect to body image. A TV commercial that I thought would significantly impact young or adult teenage girls is the Victoria Secret’s Angel fantasies collections advertisement. The link to the commercial is as follows: 
The product is Victoria Secret’s lingerie and it is appealing as it makes one want to buy the product. The commercial includes voluptuous looking Victoria Secret Angels wearing colorful and attractive lingerie, however this may impact and influence body perception of young teenage girls and adult women. As the product is called Angel fantasies, it may trigger individuals to fantasize about their body image and they may desire to look like them.  Such commercials that include images of celebrities or models with chiseled and slim bodies may result in females to think and perceive skinnier to be healthy.
Media through TV, Internet and magazines creates ideal body images and role models that individuals may try to mimic or would aspire to be like. It is important that the media world needs to be sensitive towards this issue and associate healthy looking models/celebrities to promote and market their respective products.