Meditating with Your Body in This Cold Season

Even though this year has been unseasonably warm, we all know how winter time in Minnesota usually goes. And for when the deep freeze inevitably comes- it IS inevitable, right??- here’s a meditation to help you face the cold with a little love.

Those of us who live in cold climates know how this works. It’s frosty outside. Snow is falling. It now takes twice as long to get ready to go outside, let alone, you now look like a giant marshmallow bundled up to stay warm. There is nothing glamorous about staying warm in the winter! Now you might be carrying around two pairs of shoes- your snow shoes/boots and your work shoes for the day. You also have a scarf and probably a hat and at least one pair of gloves…

So, now you’re outside in the cold and you’re shaking and shivering because you’re STILL cold, despite your best efforts. Your nose is running and red and your eyes are tearing up from the blistering cold. You get to your destination and when people see you they say, “Oh, it must be freezing out there. You look so cold!” Now you’re sweaty from being indoors.

Then it takes all day to stop feeling cold. In no time, you need to go back outside and do it all over again. This is why body meditation is so important. Instead of tensing up and bracing yourself for the cold air, meditate with the cold. Accept and relax your body, as much as you can, in the cold. Don’t forget that your body knows what it’s doing. When you get inside from the bitter cold and your nose is running- that’s okay. That’s normal. The time in the cold gives you an opportunity to be present in your body. When you get inside, you can hold warm drinks, curl up in a blanket, sit by a fire, and appreciate how the warmth feels on your skin and notice as it creeps its way to your core and you start to feel warm from the inside out.

Winter is a time of slowing down in the cold and being present in mind and body. Allow yourself to accept your body’s way of coping with the cold and stress of winter. Meditate with your body this winter- it will thank you!