Meet a Need | Prevent a Need

Eating disorders are all around us, seemingly embedded in our culture—but we can take action to affect real change—to directly support those working to recover from an eating disorder, and to engage in prevention efforts to protect our children’s health.

This holiday season, your donation can:

Meet a Need

Anxiety and necessary isolation are having a significant impact on our society, and especially at this time of health and economic uncertainty. This is especially true for those experiencing, or at risk of developing, eating disorders. At the same time, many in our community are unemployed or working fewer hours.

WithAll’s Financial Assistance Program provides living-expense grants to help those with financial need who also need to focus on intensive eating disorder treatment to recover from a life-threatening eating disorder.


Your donation will:

  • Provide the funding needed to award grants as quickly as possible for those needing support ASAP.
  • Make the application process smoother and more efficient for applicants so they can get the financial support they need without “red tape” to add to their stress. 
  • Make this program more accessible to a wider, more diverse audience, including neighbors who identify as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color.

Why Your Support Matters:

Statistically, we know Covid-19 is greatly affecting individuals struggling with an eating disorder. But only those experiencing it can truly convey how and why it’s having such an effect. Kacie received treatment for her eating disorder this spring during the first surge of the pandemic. She shares why people pursuing treatment need your support now more than ever and how WithAll’s support grants are making this possible.



Prevent a Need

We have a narrow window to reach these kids. We need to employ what decades of research on eating disorder prevention shows us so clearly:  provide clear guidance to adults so they know what to say to/around kids to support a healthy body image and relationship with food.

WithAll’s What to Say is tackling the root causes of eating disorders by equipping adults with simple and actionable tips and phrases to prevent eating disorders in kids. WithAll is the only nonprofit in the United States focused on early prevention efforts.


Your donation will:

  • Get research-supported eating disorder prevention resources into the hands of 25,000 adults this year. 
  • Develop more user-friendly resources, so every adult has what they need to support every child’s healthy body image and relationship with food. 
  • Ensure What to Say prevention resources are accessible to every adult, including our neighbors who are Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color. 

Why Your Support Matters

Beth is a mother and an eating disorder survivor. She wants a different path for her kids and all kids. Shannon is a coach and an eating disorder survivor. The words said to her as a child had a profound impact on her self-concept and journey to developing an eating disorder. Beth and Shannon share why they support WithAll’s What to Say and why it’s so important we get these simple and actionable resources out to as many adults as possible through your support.