Messages Stick With Us

Your eyes are too far apart. Your butt would look so much better if it were bigger. You have elf ears. Your thighs are pretty big. Look at your moustache! Whatever the comment or statement, we all have had someone say something that just stuck with us. And whether these comments were intentionally hurtful or not, they can torment us and make us totally rethink how we perceive ourselves.

To address this issue, BuzzFeed just released two videos of both men and women responding to the people who made fun of them in the past and they are amazing! Some of their stories are exactly what I went through and it shows that we all have been hurt or affected by someone critiquing our bodies but we also don’t have to let those comments define us. My favorite part of the video was when a guy responded to his bullies with, “I think the best I could do was be above all of it and the worst you can do is believe what they say, so I guess I would just say ‘I don’t believe you.’” That can be the hardest thing to do when a person says something hurtful to us, to say that they’re wrong, but we need to know we can’t be defined by a few comments and we don’t need to change for anyone.

When I was in middle school, I was made fun of for being flat chested and having thick, dark eyebrows and even today, I struggle to look at those parts of me and say “Wow, these aspects of me are really beautiful, just the way they are.” I always think “I would look better if….” and that type of thinking is never productive nor helpful. Those statements have carried with me through the years but it’s about time to let them go. If I were to respond to the kids who picked on me, I would say “This is how my body naturally is and it’s lovely and perfect. If you can’t accept that, then tough luck. PS: dark, thick eyebrows are in now so hah!” Yes, messages about body image can stick with us, but they don’t have to.

What would you say back to those harmful comments? Check out these awesome videos to see what they said!


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