My Body is my Oasis

Emily Monson

I am in love with many things. Things like autumn, dogs and sunshine. I love the color green and flying kites.

I also love my body.

I love it when it tells me I moved a lot the day before and I wake up to a sore part of my body that I didn’t know existed. It keeps me aware of how strong but tender my body is.

I love that my body carries me places. That I have strong legs to support me and muscular arms to help me carry things.

I love that I have curves and I love my hips.

“Elephant hips” are what my hips look like, I was told once. Then so be it, I love my hips.


I love the freckles that come out all over my body in the summer time.

“Angel kisses” is what my grandmother called them. It always made me love my freckles and want more of them. Sometimes I play connect the dots with my freckles, just to see what types of designs I can make!


I love that my body keeps me cool in the summer, even when it perspires more than I would want it to.
I love my feet. Especially that I have veins in them because if you look closely you can see that they make a heart. It is my favorite part of my feet. And it constantly reminds me to love the body I have.

My body is my oasis. It’s ‘imperfections’ are what makes it mine. I claim my body as mine and I celebrate that. It is unique to me. My body was made to fit exactly who I am. Every curve, every freckle, every scar, vein, and my birth mark is only mine. That is truly an oasis.

Your body is your own oasis, too. Celebrate the body you have because it is truly yours.