"Not One More" Wall

Honoring those who have and are bravely battling eating disorders

Not One More is a community of WithAll supporters dedicated to ending eating disorders.

Our passion and commitment are fueled by the destruction eating disorders and harmful diet and weight talk has had on us and on our loved ones.   

We give to honor those who have died of an eating disorder and those who fight against one today. We give to honor all those who have taken the journey to health and to recovery, but who grieve the time the eating disorder has taken from them. We give to honor the children we love, that their path with food and body image be easier and based in health.

The faces and stories of those we honor are below.

In Memory


Anna Westin

Here we could add their story if we/their family wanted.

Anna had a spirited heart and a bright future. At age 21, after years of suffering with the shame and stigma she encountered around her anorexia nervosa, Anna died by suicide. Her mother, WithAll co-founder and Board Member Kitty Westin, led a two-decade national advocacy effort that achieved the first-ever federal legislation for improved eating disorder education and treatment. Anna’s spirit and Kitty’s resolve motivate us daily to fulfill our mission. Each year, 20% of our Financial Assistance Program grants are designated from the Anna Westin Memorial Fund. 


Evan Hall

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Lisa Radzak

Here we could ask them all a question and have their answer…I’d love your ideas.

  • What recovery means to me
  • What you wish people knew about eating disorders and/or recovery
  • What you love about your life now that you’re in recovery