Nylons for Sale…Maybe?

This ad was created by American Apparel. The product that this company is trying to sell is nylon stockings. In this ad, you see a woman on a bed with her legs pulled up close to her chest and spread wide apart. She looks like she isn’t wearing a shirt, and she’s pulling on the tights, that aren’t pulled up all the way. The words “American Apparel” are covering up her private parts so that is left to the audience’s imagination.

This ad’s target audience is young women. Women viewing this ad may believe, even sub-consciously, that the nylons are the only thing making this young woman look sexy. What the average viewer might not be aware of is that this company is using sex to sell their products. It looks like less of an advertisement for clothes and more like a cover or picture in a Playboy Magazine, sending a message that sexy is something young women are supposed to be.

We don’t really know if this product itself has value, because American Apparel has failed to give the consumer any prices or any details about the quality of the product. We do not know what we are getting with these nylons and it seems like American Apparel simply forgot what was for sale here.

Consider these questions while looking at the image:
1.    Would you know what this company was trying to sell if their logo was not in the picture?
2.    Is American Apparel objectifying this woman? What does that mean?