Review: Trudy Beludy and Her Brilliant Tummy written by Elizabeth Maier Marietta

TEPF Volunteer

Trudy always looked forward to Saturdays because they were filled with fun. She had planned the whole day doing different activities with friends and her favorite toys. She even took a pledge to have fun all day. She got to be involved in all her favorite activities, but this particular Saturday was different because it did not go as planned.

Trudy felt sad because she was not able to play with her friend, so she decided to fill her sadness with something else that she thought would make her feel better. She realized that bingeing on different kinds of food made her feel worse.
This book shows how a young girl used food as a method of coping  when she was sad, and later on realized she is able to find other methods of coping that will make her feel better about herself. This book illustrates several methods of coping with sadness, stress or, other negative feelings that one might experience. Ultimately, the main character used exercise and art to cope with her sadness.  This is a great message because it demonstrates how each person will encounter emotions in their life, and there are many ways to cope with these emotions.  It is up to individuals to find what works best, both for our minds and our bodies.