Stages of Change: Evidence of Change Through Art




This year I “came out” about my past struggle with anorexia. Some knew I struggled with it in the past (and it truly is in my past now), but I felt like there was still truth I needed to speak. I needed to talk about it in order for wounds to become scars. Also, I felt like I had a platform to do so. I was given the opportunity to have an art show at a small college. Although I fought myself to do so, I focused the show on self-acceptance. I was able to share my story with college students and de-identify with the life-sucking illness. The display of art was arranged much like Prochaska and DiClemente’s Stages of Change Model. I’ve used this model to help others process readiness to change and have recently been able to see it reflected in my artwork. Here is an example of how my art correlates with the model.

I’m a huge fan of Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber. She explains that all she has is her confession of brokenness and confession of faith. This is what I have. This is why I share my scars. This is what has led me to do the work I do. Anorexia is a deadly secret, but I’m calling it out.

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