Give to Support Recovery

“Your support meant so much to me. The grant helped me stay in treatment, validated it, and made the time I put into it feel more worthy. I felt relief. I felt peace of mind.”

– Emma, Financial Assistance Grant Recipient

Our financial assistance program provides one-time grants up to $500 for individuals like Emma who need help with living expenses while pursuing recovery for an eating disorder. There are many more individuals who could benefit from these grants, including those currently on our waiting list. That’s why we’re raising $5,000 this spring to help increase the number of grants we can award from 100 to 150 in the next year.

Would you donate today to help people like Emma? Any amount helps. If we raise $5,000 before June 30, 2019, a generous member of the WithAll Board of Directors will match the donation dollar-for-dollar.

  • $500 provides one grant to a person in treatment.
  • $100 supports one week of groceries to help follow meal plans.
  • $50 a month provides one grant in a year.
  • $25 supports one week of transportation to keep attending treatment.
  • Take the team approach! 10 friends contributing $50 each provides one grant.