Eating Disorders Wall of Support

WithAll provides living-expense grants to individuals in financial need to pursue treatment for an eating disorder.

Due to COVID-19, we have received a steady increase in living-expense grant requests from individuals needing financial aid in order to seek treatment for their eating disorder.

WithAll’s Financial Assistance Program is available year-round to those seeking recovery.
As the pandemic continues, we anticipate the heightened need for these grants and need your help to be ensure we can continue to award these grants.

Below is a list of real financial barriers our grant applicants are experiencing as they are seeking treatment. 

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“I am an ER nurse.  I just started work at this new job in February 2020.  Because it was so recent of a hire I was not eligible for financial support from my employer.  Because we are doing telehealth I’m also not getting catered meals for Intensive Day Programming, which means more money toward groceries.” – Sally


“Receiving a grant from your organization would allow me to have access to desperately needed treatment while also still allowing me to cover my costs of basic food, rent, and utilities. Ultimately this grant will give me the extra support I need for my healing and wellness.   Queer, trans, working class people of color almost never get the help they need to heal from eating disorders because deep aspects of systemic barriers, and I am one of these people.  Every person deserves recovery, and every person deserves to heal.  This grant will help me on my path to getting the recovery I have needed for so long.  Thank you.” – Meredith


“This grant will be extremely important to my family!  I have older parents and having them drive back and forth which takes approximately 3 hours a day in a car without air conditioning is really taking a toll on them, not to mention the extra cost of food and gasoline.  This money will let us stay a few nights a week near the clinic alleviating the driving each day.  It is hard for them having to watch me take part in this medical time in my life, but I know I will beat this.  Thank you so much! ” – Kyleah


How will my donation help individuals seeking recovery?

WithAll’s Financial Assistance Program provides living-expense grants to individuals facing financial barriers in order to seek intensive treatment for an eating disorder. Through the countless applications we receive, we’ve seen that it is the day-to-day expenses like rent, household expenses, groceries, and childcare that prevent someone from prioritizing much-needed eating disorder treatment. Too often, people have to choose between paying rent or getting treatment, which often means they make the heartbreaking decision to not seek treatment, and the eating disorder continues. 

We have found that when we provide financial assistance for those living expenses, treatment becomes a reality.  And RECOVERY becomes reality. And that is the definition of life-changing work that YOU do with your support of WithAll.

Why the increased need?

On April 2, 2020, a national poll found that 45% of U.S. adults say that the coronavirus pandemic has affected their mental health, with a subset of 19% saying it has had a major impact. We know that when anxiety is on the rise, so are eating disorders. At the same time, millions are facing unemployment, fewer work hours, and smaller or disappearing paychecks. 

We’re seeing the impact of this uncertainty every day as those who are seeking treatment for eating disorders are requesting living-expense grants to help remove these additional financial barriers. For example, there is one applicant named Katrina*, whose husband was just laid off from his job. Because of this, Katrina and her family are in desperate need of groceries for the duration of her treatment, and they have no other source of assistance. Katrina wants to be able to work hard on her therapy and recovery but is worried about how she will pay for food while in treatment. Receiving a living-expense grant from WithAll would provide them groceries for 5 weeks of treatment and the opportunity to focus on recovery.

How can I help?

In order to better support those receiving treatment, we have launched WithAll’s Wall of Support. The Wall of Support represents needs from real grant applicants and real financial barriers they are experiencing as they seek treatment. It is day-to-day expenses that often hold people back from prioritizing eating disorder treatment, and that has never been more true than during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your gift provides money that will allow us to continue to provide support for our Financial Assistance Program, as well as our upstream prevention program, What to Say. The need for these programs has never been stronger, and we are doing all we can to provide this support, even as the need is growing. This is why your gift is so important.